Top 10 cool things you can do with Android

The renewal cycle is getting faster and faster among the consumers we are and with each new release, we are constantly tempted to offer the latest model to take advantage of new functionalities, take more beautiful photos or simply have a more efficient smartphone. If we can afford it, so much the better ! But then, what to do with his old Android smartphone ? Here are some ideas.

1. Resell it yourself

Starting from the principle that in general, when you have an old smartphone on your arms, it is because you have just offered yourself a new one, why not make a few euros by selling it on a sales site in line like eBay, Priceminister or Le Bon Coin ? Some buyers will always try to negotiate, but sometimes you can get a good price if it is in good condition. In addition, 100 € or 200 € earned when you have just spent up to 900, that’s always taken !

2. Resell it in the shop

You don’t have the courage to sell it yourself ? You also have the opportunity to resell your smartphone at a shop. And the advantage is that you are almost sure that it will be bought from you, whatever its condition. It is of course possible to resell your smartphone online by first estimating it on a site like the Argus of mobile, however, it is not the only alternative because depending on where you live, small neighborhood shops sometimes take it back to you more expensive before refurbishing it and then resell it in their shelves.

You can also contact channels specializing in the purchase and resale of second-hand products like Cash Converters or Easy Cash.

3. Transform it into an MP3 player

Yes, all smartphones read MP3 so if you already have a new one, why use the old one ? Simply to save the battery of the new one. No smartphone can boast of having autonomy really at the top, so why not delegate certain functions to the old model that it will, in addition, be able to accomplish to perfection ? If you have sufficient storage space and / or an SD card, this is quite possible.

In addition, with the minimum lowered brightness (to listen to music, no need to put it to the max) and without network connection, its battery will easily last several days. And, if necessary, don’t hesitate to take a look at our selection of the best audio helmets of the moment.

4. Use it as GPS

And after all why not ?! GPS is very battery-hungry, a good reason not to use that of your new smartphone. In addition, more and more GPS applications can be used offline. You just need to download the correct one and the cards that go with it and you just have to install your old phone in your vehicle on the base provided for this purpose without having to ruin the battery of your new brand new smartphone. . Life is not beautiful !

Still think of not leaving it in your car when it is parked on the street. Not that it is disturbing to have an old phone stolen, on the other hand, a broken window, it would be a shame !

5. Use it as a landline phone

Again, this is something you can do with your new smartphone but why use your battery when the old one will do just fine to make voice (or video) calls via Skype. It is sufficient for this that the latter has the application and is connected to your home WiFi network. It’s very simple and it may even be the case already so think about it !

6. Take advantage of a takeover offer

Some resellers regularly offer takeover offers for the purchase of a new telephone. Offers that are sometimes more advantageous than resale in a shop (for the simple reason that you buy a new device) which will be equivalent, most of the time, to a credit on your new purchase. Also remember to check if your operator is not offering takeover offers. Sometimes it is really possible to get out of it cheaply.

7. Offer it to a friend

If you are sure that you will not withdraw a good price from the resale of your smartphone or that you simply do not want to make the effort to resell it, even in stores, you can also give it to a loved one, a friend, your child or spouse who will only have to add a SIM card to be able to use it and who will also have won a free smartphone.

8. Give it to a third party or an association

You have no one to give your smartphone to and you really don’t have the motivation to resell it, why not give it to a third party ? There are sites specializing in donating objects of all kinds such as that will allow you to share your old phone with someone who cannot afford one. It’s always better than throwing it in the trash, no ?!

You can also offer it to a charity.

9. Recycle it

Want to make a gesture for the planet ? Why not just recycle your mobile ? Not only will you be definitively rid of it, but you will also have contributed, to a lesser extent, to the protection of the environment. Some operators such as SFR, Bouygues Telecom, or NRJ Mobile offer paid (moderately) mobile recycling offers that operate as takeover offers but without purchase obligation.

It is still best to type the terms “mobile recycling” on Google and select the service of your choice. You will then be asked to register and fill out a form and an envelope will be sent to you to return your mobile, at the expense of the organization responsible for recycling.

10. Use it as a remote control

And if you just used your old smartphone as a remote control for your PC, box, game console and other connected equipment. For this, you will simply have to connect it to the same Wifi network, download a remote control application in the Play Store (or not even necessary, if your overlayer allows it directly) and voila.

Note that if your smartphone has the IR Blaster (infrared) function, you can even use it as a traditional remote control.

11. Use it as a Wifi modem

If you no longer use your smartphone to phone, you can always use it as a Wifi modem, sharing your connection. Your phone thus becomes an internet access point. Only hic, you will need to have a 3G or 4G connection and therefore a SIM card. That said, if you have a multi-SIM package that allows you to have a secondary SIM card originally intended for your tablet, it is quite possible !

12. Turn it into a server

If you are not afraid to put your hands in the sludge, you can transform your old Android smartphone into a server to share multimedia files or even make a proxy server to secure a Wifi connection. Here is a small video, in English, which will explain the challenges of the operation.

13. Make it a portable console

Android’s wealth is to be completely open and to be able to offer applications like console emulators. So you can easily turn an old smartphone into a portable console. You can play NES, Super NES or Megadrive games quietly on your smartphone.

Of course, the ideal for a good experience is to use a dedicated controller. Again, that’s good, that’s not what’s missing and we can find for three times nothing online, especially on Amazon.

14. Other ideas

If none of the options mentioned above tempt you, you always have one last, find something useful for your old smartphone. If you like smartphones, it’s for their multifunctional side. Once you have incorporated this concept, you can use your old phone as an alarm clock and why not as a baby monitor connected to a camera that you have placed in your child’s room.

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