Top 3 Altimeter applications for iPhone or Android

If you are the one who cares a lot about hiking, it is for you. Altimeters help you determine the exact height you are currently at. But the truth is, it is expensive to get an altimeter. But Android smartphones can be the altimetric ladders for you with the right applications.

We have compiled a list of some of the best Android Altimer applications that you should absolutely try.

Just a compass

“Just A Compass” is a powerful application capable of accurately calculating the height and altitude on Android. It is a simple compass that shows geographic north, real elevation, etc. It comes with a very neat, stable and somewhat secure user interface.

The application can recover useful data from your current position. It shows your height from sea level at your current location. Just A Compass can also display the time of sunrise and sunset as an additional feature.

It also shows the real north and helps you stay aware of your environment when you are on mountain trails. In addition, it is a brilliant and powerful application without any boring advertising. The interface without advertising, simple design and accuracy make it the best altimeter application on the list.


  • readable
  • Very precise and reliable
  • Limited enforcement authorizations are required


  • It is not completely without advertising
  • It receives personalized advertisements when you go to the Internet

Main characteristics: precise altitude and elevation data 近 Longitude and latitude in UTM 近 format Shows the true and magnetic north 近 Travaille currently 好 Posthes the time of sunrise and sunset

Download: Play Store (Gratuit)

GPS tools

GPS Tools is an all-in-one application for travelers and people who like to do outdoor activities. With the Altimeter Android GPS Tool application, you can have it all in one interface. You can access the GPS location, the speedometer, the altimeter, the compass, navigation, weather forecasts and much more.

It provides altitude and hiking maps in real time, including an area locator and more. Application of GPS tools with efficient battery. It works like a breeze on Android devices, including Wear OS

The application offers fast GPS updates and works offline. It helps you get the exact location and sea level rise, even in low signal areas with good precision.

The Tools GPS application has everything, GPS location, compass, altimeter and everything that is essential on a single screen. Trekking Pro also helps you when traveling.


  • All-in-one application for travelers
  • Simple, clear and concise statements
  • Intuitive application interface
  • Easy to use and well organized


  • Data monitoring and recording issues
  • Topographic maps are not accessible

Main characteristics: all in a single application 近 Tags of the site 近 Altimeter high resolution 近 Works online and offline 近 Share the location 研 Includes a speedometer and a compass 近 Weather forecast 永 Pro

Download: Play Store (Free purchases in the application)

Accurate altimeter

Accurate Altimeter for Android is a complete altimeter application that allows you to obtain altitude data when you are offline. You get precise height values with different modes.

The first is the use of satellite triangulation. This mode can be slow, but it works without the Internet. The second method works by taking the height of the ground at your current location with the global elevation card. This mode provides quick and precise answers. The third method is to use the pressure sensor of your device.

The application calibrates when pressed from the nearest weather station. You can download and save a large part of the global altitude map. So you can get accurate data when you are in remote areas.


  • easy to use
  • Reliable and precise readings
  • Displays the activity log and altitude recording


  • In slow Internet areas, altitude readings can fluctuate
  • He follows a lot of data, including cookies
  • Do not add completely for free.

Main characteristics: Improved application interface 近 currently works 近 (3 龍 Height estimation mode Tracker and altitude recorder 好 Images with elevation and location stamps 近 Satellite triangulation 近 Calibration of sensor data pressure

Download: Play Store (Free purchases in the application)

Without altimeter

The Altimeter application is a professional application that helps you get specific sea level elevations and elevations. It uses both GPS and barometric sensors to obtain precise altitude data.

It can also store data for recent trips, the highest altitude reached, etc. The application is capable of calibrating on its own. You can get the data in meters or feet and you can set it by default from the application settings.

With this Android application, you can store, access and obtain meteorological and navigation data in real time. The application includes real-time weather forecasts. In addition, you can click on images that include place and height buffers.


  • Quick and precise results
  • Planting problems of zero or limited application
  • Useful for travelers


  • Too many ads
  • Occasional calibration problems

Main characteristics: professional resolution algorithm 近 Interface and direction of the graph 近 Function on GPS and barometric pressure sensor 近 Metric and imperial units 研 Weather forecast 研 Sharing the location and recording the data 永

Download: Play Store (Gratuit)

Barometer and altimeter

Barometer & Altimeter is a simple application for measuring pressure, altitude and temperature. It works on GPS, a pressure sensor and an altitude algorithm to obtain precise data on the area in which you are located.

If your device does not have an atmospheric pressure sensor, the application retrieves pressure data online. This altimeter application for Android can obtain precise values of your height above sea level.

In addition to altitude, temperature and pressure, the application provides data on humidity and current weather data. It is one of the most reliable Android applications that displays essential flight data from altitude to pressure and humidity in real time.


  • easy to use
  • Everything in one application


  • Very simple interface
  • Not the widget
  • Landscape display is not supported

Main characteristics: Al in a travel application 近 Temperature indicator 近 Altimeter precise 近 Function on GPS 近 Offline mode 近 Humidity indicator 研 weather forecast 近 Pressure data via the barometric pressure sensor

Download: Play Store (Free purchases in the application)

Widget Altimeter and Altimeter

The Altimeter application is your personal altimeter for your phone. It shows you altitude and elevation and tracks your location data. It works like an altimeter, a recorder and a cartography.

This Android altimeter application uses GPS data to give you precise altitude values. With the integrated barometric sensor, the application calibrates to give results in real time.

The camera function allows you to take photos with altitude and location buffers. It can record altitude profiles and altitude tracks for your favorite trips. The application works well even in areas with low Internet access.

There is also a Pro version to buy if you are looking for improved functionality such as the Altimeter widget for the home screen. Application is a real help for those who like to go outdoors.


  • Precise reading and easy calibration
  • Provides latitude and longitude with previous addresses
  • Quick and reliable results


  • The free version is full of advertisements
  • Downloading the application takes time

Main features: Barometric and GPS 洪 Track height 洪 Widget 近 Height recorder 近 website recorder 4 calibration modes 近 May take screenshots in the application 近 Recordings and haughty tracks 研 The pro version includes the widget

Download: Play Store (Free purchases in the application)

My elevation

The My Elevation Android Altimer application uses the Internet to obtain a precise rise above sea level. It follows the elevation from the location data and gives results in real time.

The application requires an active Internet connection to operate. There is no offline mode, so the application can malfunction when you are in an area without the Internet. The My Elevation application offers the Suive Me mode. With this, the application keeps track of your movements with appropriate altitude updates every second.

The application displays the current weather for your location. It even gives weather forecasts in advance and keeps you informed that the weather is deteriorating. It has an integrated search function that allows you to browse local attractions and historical events for your current location.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Almost correct readings


  • It does not work without an active Internet
  • Not usable in areas where there is no range of cells

Main characteristics: altitude and GPS data on Internet 洪 Track height 近 Suive me status 近 Height recorder 近 Weather forecast 研 Integrated search option 洪 Images with elevation stamps

Download: Play Store (Gratuit)

GPS altimeter

The GPS altimeter helps you check your altitude wherever you are. It is a very intelligent application, ideal for hikers and travelers. With this application, you can get high resolution location, altitudes and much more data.

Unlike the Altimeter and Widget application, this Android application can operate both online and offline. The Altimeter application uses GPS satellites to obtain your offline position and altitude. It also uses the integrated barometric sensor to obtain data in real time.

But some devices do not have this sensor, which is why the application collects pressure data online. With this application, you can obtain altitude data in meters and feet. You can record the lowest and highest altitude of your flight.

You get everything in the form of comparable graphics. The application also prefers to take a screenshot with altitude and location buffers.


  • Simple and fast data
  • readable


  • Occasional problems in ap
  • Dark theme notifications can be seen

Main characteristics: High resolution data 近 Works both online and offline 近 Data in triple 近 mode Atmospheric pressure analysis GPS triangulation 近 Automatic calibration with sensors

Download: Play Store (Free purchases in the application)

DS barometer

The DS barometer may not be an all-in-one altimeter, but it always provides the best possible results in real time. Whatever the results, the application is fairly stable and has an attractive user interface.

The DS barometer works well with devices with barometric sensors. It also integrates into the device without the sensor and uses the Internet to recover pressure data. In addition to the barometer, the application can easily recover altitude data.

It combines sensors, GPS and Internet to accurately track your location and altitude data. The application gives you a detailed report on how the data was identified in real time. You can easily change the height units. The application displays them in meters and feet.

The altimeter is delivered with a LIDER and RADAR scanning support which improves readings. The application has a few bugs even if it contains some advertisements. If you hate receiving advertisements, you can always opt for the paid version.


  • All-in-one AB excursions
  • Precise elevation readings
  • The barometric sensor works either offline or online


  • قديم
  • Too many ads

Main characteristics: Innovative user interface 洪 Triangulation GPS 近 Offline mode 洪 Support LIDAR and RADAR 近 Pressure readings It works on a telephone with or without barometric sensors

Download: Play Store (Free purchases in the application)

Altimeter Pro

Altimer Pro is one of the few applications to offer a real rise above sea level. It is a practical tool that allows you to easily obtain height values. It works with GPS and the location of the device to obtain altitude values.

Using the application, you can get elevation and location in some remote places around the world. It can work well with or without the Internet.

Unlike the other applications you have seen above, this altimeter application is not very fancy. It is a complete application to recover your size, nothing more.


  • Clean, simple and free frantic parameters
  • Precise elevation readings
  • It works well with the original navigation map


  • Does not work with site parameters
  • He is constantly looking for the network and emptying the battery

Main characteristics: True Altitude 龍 No network required 近 Works online and offline 近 Calibration with EGM96 기 Address at the current location 研 coordinates of the site

Download: Play Store (Gratuit)

Here are our best choices for altimeter applications for Android devices. Most of them are very excellent and have an easy-to-use interface. It is a hit to give precise altitude values and the altitude of your current

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