Top 3 applications to hide your position on Android

Each smartphone is now equipped with the GPS location function

Nowadays, people rely entirely on GPS to get from place to place. If you want to know the distance from one place to another or the time necessary to achieve it, you will immediately open Maps.

It is the time of technology where no trip is complete without maps and location functionality. The simple GPS localization function has taken a huge place in the daily life of each individual. Even if you download certain applications, you would have noticed that they are asking for your location authorizations.

Application developers keep the location in mind for several reasons. Even if you are considering the worst scenarios, your GPS position may be useful for finding your lost phone.

If you are an iPhone user, you would certainly have found the GPS position to be the best thing every time you cannot find your device. All iPhone users have the advantage of using the “Find my application” function on all iOS devices. Apple offers many features to its users via Find My App.

GPS localization features offered by Apple

If you have already lost your device, you can immediately obtain the location of your device if you had maintained the “Search for my” option activated. In a few clicks, you can see it on a map. So what can you do?

  • Show location of the device
  • Play a sound to find the device
  • Activate Lost Mode to mark it as lost in order to protect your information.
  • Clear everything on your device remotely.

A slightly less known feature of the majority of smartphone users is location usurpation.

Yes, you heard right!

You can actually usurp the location of your device. When you usurp the location, the applications will think that you are in the specified location, but in reality, you are in a completely different place.

Isn’t it incredible?

You can do this using a GPS position changer

There are many GPS position change software for iPhone and other iOS devices to help you. This software will allow you to use the custom location as needed.

Let’s explore them …

Tenorshare iAnyGo

Whenever you try to customize with iOS devices, it all comes down to gushing your device. Fortunately, this is not the scenario with this one. It is not necessary to jailbreaker your device for the usurpation of GPS location on your iOS device

Tenorshare iAnyGo offered a 1-click option to instantly change the location of your Apple device.

Let’s see the steps to change the GPS position using iAnyGo.

Once you have completed the Tenorshare iAnyGo software download process, just take three steps to usurp your position from place to place.

Step 1: Open the Tenorshare app. Now choose the “Change location” mode to access the card.

Step 2: Now start the program and connect your computer to the iOS device

Step 3: The last step is to modify the location by choosing the location on the map and confirming it.

As soon as you have completed these three steps, the location of your iOS device will be usurped at the place you have selected.

IAnyGo functionality

Tenorshare offers two types of personalized route planning methods. This feature is perfect for location-based games. Now you can play game in the comfort of your home because you can easily configure routes at one or more points.

Even without taking a single step, you can play any location-based game. Even if the game is geo-blocked in your area, you can enjoy it by usurping your position.

Pokemon Go is the most famous game that required a location. Now you can catch all of your favorite pokémons even if you live in a rural area.

Social media applications display friend suggestions depending on your location. You can usurp your position on social networks using iAnyGo. Associating people with dating applications like Tinder and Bumble has never been more incredible. You can match any individual in any place by pretending to be from another place. You can even deceive your friends by sharing your false position on Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp.

No one can know your actual location or follow you because Tenorshare allows you to hide it and even usurp it. “Find my application” will also not be able to follow your position if you use iAnyGo.

Tenorshare iAnyGo offers several advanced functionalities. It allows users to search for any specific location even when entering their GPS coordinates. Historical records will allow you to save the address of any place you searched earlier, as well as the time you visited it.

iAnyGo looks promising; try it to see you.



Now you can teleport your location and bounce anywhere in the world using Dr. Fone Wondershare Location Change. In one click, you would be in a brand new location. Each application on your phone will believe that you are in the location entered due to the virtual GPS location.

Pokemon Go would look fairly easy and too fun with the use of this location changer on iOS devices

You can select certain specific routes with two or more spots. You can customize everything from walking speed to break movements using this software. No application would be able to determine that you are using a location changer, as the movements will look completely natural.

If you wish to take advantage of certain specific services which are not available in your region, you can easily get there by usurping the location of your iOS device. The software also provides a joystick to easily simulate your GPS movements. Joystick controls reduce 90% of your work to move around while teleporting or being in any other mode.


A unique feature offered by Wondershare is that you can import your created route directly into the software. Now you can plan your entire outdoor activity with all the controls in hand. You can safely explore each route and you can even choose certain routes for later use. You can download the GPX file to the software to synchronize the route you have created to explore the location.


MockGo by Foneazy allows you to simulate a natural movement on the planned route without delay problems. This allows you to play your favorite location games fairly easily such as Mobile Legends, Pokemon Go and others without moving from home. From now on, you just need to click to change your GPS position

The application allows you to create routes between two different positions based on real routes. It also allows you to create routes to cover several places. You can simulate speed based on driving, cycling and walking activities. A unique feature offered by MockGo is realistic. Here you can vary the speed from -30% to + 30% every 5 seconds.

You can use this application to play your favorite geolocated games, modify your location for better matches on dating applications, prank your friends and family by sharing the falsified location, and even hide your location to make sure you are not followed. You can even import a GPX file to easily simulate the entire track.

MockGo allows you to modify the GPS locations of up to 5 devices simultaneously. You can define certain favorite locations in the list for later revision. The best thing here is that you don’t need to jail your iOS device for location usurpation, and several features guarantee that MockGO is not detected.


iMyFone AnyTo

iMyFone AnyTo offered simplistic options to usurp your position. Whether you are using an iOS or Android device, you can easily change your location to one click. You can easily share cool places with your friends on social media platforms to deceive and surprise them.

Location-based applications will no longer be a problem because iMyFone AnyTo covers you. The software also saves you from being tracked because your location is displayed as a fake on the map. The best thing is that you are allowed to hide your position from everyone with the use of this position changer.

If you play an AR game like Pokemon Go, where the game requires your outside movement, this software is a perfect solution for that. You can easily set a custom route with the appropriate speed to see you move through the application or the game with the help of iMyFone AnyTo. You can either use single point mode or multiple point mode for easy use.


Personalized speed options can simulate the running speed depending on your favorable driving, cycling or walking speeds.

Set precise coordinates – by entering the exact coordinates, you can jump to this particular place in a second.

Break between walks – to make it more natural; you can configure the movements with break and continue between your walks and journeys.

Precise records – you can save historic sites for easy revision.

EaseUS MobiAnyGo

It is not necessary to jail your iOS device to customize it. You may need to change the location of your iOS device for several reasons, such as accessing geo-blocked applications, accessing different sites and videos on location-based applications, and even preventing you from being tracked. This is where EaseUS MobiAnyGo comes to your rescue.

It provides users with a cost-effective and easy solution to usurp your location. Now you can easily prevent yourself from being tracked using this software. People will see your position in a completely different place in one click depending on the option you choose.

By sitting in a particular place, you can easily find a perfect date for yourself, even in a different country. The software allows you to usurp your position on dating applications and sites. You may even surprise your friends by sending a virtual fake location to different social media platforms, even if you are sitting at home.

No GPS restrictions – you can define a personalized route in two-point mode or in multi-point mode to move repeatedly on these paths. You can sit in one place and enjoy all of your AR games without any movement.

Real speed simulation – location-based applications will not be able to discover that you are using usurpation software because you are authorized to set running speeds to make movement natural.

Another great thing about EaseUS MobiAnyGo software is that it allows you to manage the GPS locations of 5 different iOS devices at the same time.

Final reflections

There are many reasons why you might want to usurp your position. You can do this in one click using one of the tools mentioned above. They will hide your position, prevent it from being followed, work perfectly with geo-blocked applications, and much more. Even if you want to cheat on your friends, you can use any of these tools to execute the farce.

Then explore some of the best confidentiality browsers for iOS and Android.

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